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Indonesia Visa

Bali Indonesia

Indonesia is a beautiful country in Far east Asia which is majority Muslim. Sandy beaches of Bali provide an attractive tourist escape for many people around the world. It is located close to Thailand and Malaysia and hence serves as a popular combination choice for tourists visiting one of the countries in the region. Bestways Travels has been providing Indonesia visas for travelers from all across Pakistani cities like Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi.

Indonesia Single Entry Visa

Visa Processing Time: 14-20 Days

Visa Processing Fee: PKR 10,000

Visa Requirements:

  • Original passport with minimum validity of 1.5 years before travel
  • Application form, filled and signed by applicant
  • 2 colored photographs
  • CNIC Copy
  • Copy of first two pages of passport along with any previous Indonesian visa
  • A copy of Return ticket
  • Bank statement of last three months with minimum 250,000rs balance
  • Invitation letter (we will arrange if buying tour package)