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Dubai Visa

Dubai Visa

Dubai is warm country filled with the best beaches that the middle east has to offer. The sandy Jumeirah beach serves as the perfect escape for someone on a holiday. Dubai is the most visited country by most Pakistani tourists because of low air fares. Bestways Travels has been providing Dubai visas around the clock for travelers from all across Pakistani cities like Islamabad, Peshawar, Lahore and Karachi.

Dubai Visa (14 Days, 1 Month, and 3 Months)

Average Visa Processing Time: 3-6 Working Days

Visa Processing Fee for 14 Days Visa: PKR 10500

Visa Processing Fee for 1 Month Visa:  PKR 13000

Visa Processing Fee for 3 Months Visa: PKR 33000

Visa Requirements:

  • Copy of First Page of Original Passport (With minimum 1 year validity)
  • Copy of ID Card
  • 1 passport size photograph with complete face visible